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What is
Coaching is a client-centered process that offers benefits such as decreased stress, positive attitudes, increased learning, and higher goal achievement. You set the agenda, and I provide guidance to maximize your progress.
How does
it help?
Leadership, no matter what your specific role, is complex, often isolating, and requires that you continually flex, learn, and grow to meet the needs of others, make difficult decisions, and juggle demanding and competing priorities.
Finding the time to pause, reflect, and pursue intentional growth as a leader is challenging, but it is one of the most important and valuable investments you can make with your limited time and energy.
Become guru of your life
Why Advanced Coaching is for you?
Set up goals
Get rid of
destructive habits
Create the right mind set
Learn to inspire your team
Achieve results
Make a change
in your routine


  • Boris
    Certified Mindfulness & Leadership coach
    with professional degree in psychology
    Boris embarked on his journey of personal growth in 2014 when he started his professional education in psychology as a therapist with a focus on trauma. It, ultimately leaded him to a fulfilling career as a coach. He became a certified Cognitive Behavioral (CB) coach in 2020 and has since utilized his skills to assist various independent businesses across Eastern and Western Europe. Boris specializes in providing solutions for company development, team building, and market assessment.

    Most recently, Boris lent his expertise in group coaching to a company that organizes wellness events. As a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach, Boris integrates an eclectic approach into his group work. Drawing from a diverse array of experiences and influences, he also holds a background in Personal Construct Psychology. This unique combination of skills enables Boris to effectively guide and support clients on their journey towards personal and professional growth.
  • Alex
    Mindfulness coach
    with professional degree in psychology
    Alexander is a dedicated therapist with a professional degree in psychology and a certified coach with a passion for traveling the world to lead classes, workshops, and lectures, both online and in-person. His unwavering energy and firm belief in the power of helping people have been instrumental in bringing his projects to fruition and uniting his team members.

    As a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach, Alexander is committed to providing a dynamic, engaging, and accessible learning experience for students at every stage of their journey. His distinctive approach has always been centered around making lessons enjoyable, contemporary, and relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds. Alexander's dedication to his craft, combined with his ability to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, ensures that each of his students feels supported and empowered as they embark on their path towards personal growth and fulfillment.


Believe that you can,
and you're halfway there


Connect with people from all over the world to unite your strength and make the World a better place
In this program we will discover:

Personal Reinvention Project
Leadership Action Plan
Leadership Intervention
In this program we will discover:

Teamwork Transformation
Leading Up

In this program we will discover:

Six Weeks to a mindfulness
In Person group work
Complete transformation of your routine


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